Photoptics Conference 2024

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Why is there a charge for attending this conference virtually?

A virtual meeting/webinar organized with the aid of using a non-academic organization includes numerous expenses. A non-exhaustive listing of those fees includes: administrative personnel and other participating member salaries, insurances, website hosting, design, maintenance and their time to time updating, official and national taxes, business insurance, software program licenses, equipment, and workplace space.

These are constant and mandatory fees, which we cannot exclude whether the conference is held VIRTUALLY or IN-PERSON (Physical). As we all know there are registration fee and costs required even for the societies and academic organizations for running conferences/meetings, and they are supported by various funding agencies, commercial bodies and other supporting institutions however, their costs are normally utilized for the institutional infrastructure (IT support, computers, software program licenses, administrators, workplace space, etc.), staff salaries and grants for event bodies.