Photoptics Conference 2024

4th International Conference on

Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology

August 16-17, 2024

Meeting is Live

Theme: “Discovering novel technologies and shaping future horizons in light-based innovations”

Photoptics Conference 2024 | Webinar

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Renowned ​Speakers

Bruno Piccirillo

University of Naples

Dror Malka

Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

Sergey Kobtsev

Novosibirsk State University, Russia

Xiaomeng Xue

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Sourabh Jain

University of Texas at Austin, USA

Heidi Piili

University of Turku

Friedrich Grimm


Fanglu Qin

Wuhan University

Karlheinz Blankenbach

Pforzheim University

Muhammad Danyal

Tecnológico Nacional de México (TecNM), México

Vladimir G Chigrinov

University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Ioan Alexandru Mirica

International Computer High School of Bucharest, Romania

Varsha Vijay Kumar

Michigan Technological University, USA

Carlos A. Hernandez-Gutierrez

Tecnológico Nacional de México (TecNM), México

Victor V. Koledov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russia

Jiang Li


Jun Hua

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

Ali Adibi

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Scientific​ Sessions

Track 1: Photonics, Optics and Laser
Track 2: Nanophotonics and Photonic Crystals
Track 3: Fast and Ultrafast Photonics
Track 4: Solar Energy and Photovoltaics
Track 5: Bio photonics and Medical Laser Applications
Track 6: Nonlinear Photonics: Fundamentals and Applications
Track 7: Photonic Networks and Devices
Track 8: 2D Photonic Materials and Devices
Track 9: Green Photonics in Industry and Infrastructure
Track 10: Photonic Networks and Devices
Track 11: Photonics in Artificial Intelligence

Track 12: Optics & Lasers in Medicine
Track 13: Adaptive Optics
Track 14: Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging
Track 15: Optical and Fibre Optical Sensors and Instrumentation
Track 16: Biomedical Optics and Therapeutic Laser Applications
Track 17: Integrated Optics and Nanophotonics
Track 18: Optical Fibers and Sensing Technologies
Track 19: Optical and Photonic Communications and Signaling
Track 20: Novel Development- Optical Materials and Applications
Track 21: Atom Optics
Track 22: Optics and Photonics for Energy and the Environment

Track 23: Optical Materials and Devices
Track 24: Novel Laser Technologies and their Applications
Track 25: Laser Manufacturing Technology and Processes
Track 26: Laser Science and Technology
Track 27: Laser and Fiber Technologies
Track 28: Semiconductor Lasers and LEDs-OLEDs
Track 29: Sensors
Track 30: Applications of Photonics, Optics and Lasers
Track 31: Atto Science
Track 32: Satellite Communications Systems
Track 33: Space Photonics, Laser Cosmology & Astrophysics

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