Photoptics Conference 2023 aims to discover and share new research ideas and technologies and provide networking opportunities with peers to help them and make connections. It offers an opportunity to meet and strengthen new contacts in the field of laser, optics and photonics to global experts who are up-to-date on the latest and most recent developments in the field and advances and other technologies.

Photonics is an upcoming technology of the future and is the application of powerful beams of light through sources such as lasers and LEDs to generate electronic and digital signals that can quickly and efficiently power complex devices.

Study and work with light energy and light information to design devices and make advances in laser manufacturing, communications, biomedical and chemical sensing, imaging technology, optical computing, and transportation. The interdisciplinary fields of Lasers, Optics and Photonics are the design and discovery of new materials that play a significant role in industrial, medical, defense and scientific research applications.

Why Choose us:

    • Join, share and learn
    • Expand your knowledge
    • Learn from invited speakers
    • Develop real networking
    • Present your ideas and work
    • Learn beyond your field or interest
    • Develop a network for better development
    • Expand your knowledge base with a competitive advantage
    • Get new collaborations with participants from different countries around the world

Who can participate:

    • Laser optics Specialist
    • Photonic Engineers
    • Directors of Photonics companies
    • Laser Researchers / Scientist Students of optics and photonics
    • Members of various associations/societies for laser optics and photonics
This online meeting (webinar) will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists with multidisciplinary backgrounds to review current developments, exchange ideas and challenges at the interface of photonics, optics and laser technology.
In the proposed edition of Photoptics Conference 2023, we will bring together various prominent researchers working in photonics, optics and laser technology to learn and share the latest and most recent developments in the field and advances and other technologies.
Finally, we strongly believe that this meeting will serve as an excellent support for creating a healthy scientific environment that is conducive to interdisciplinary conversations and the exchange of new ideas by bringing together the world’s leading scientists with young emerging researchers to join and explore a fascinating world. photonics, optics and laser techniques.
Sciencezo Planet is pleased to invite key players in the field of laser optics and related contributors from around the world to its “2nd International Webinar on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology” scheduled online (webinar) on September 08-09, 2023.
Important Notes
Webinar Date : September 08-09, 2023
Webinar Type: Online ( Zoom Meeting)